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About Us

Assam On Wheels is one of the fast growing online travel portals catering to the inbound tourists to the North East India. Established in the year 2011, with the goal:

  • To promote the entire North East as one of the top tourist destinations.
  • To create an user friendly and reliable platform through which the travellers can choose and avail the travel services with ease and the highest satisfaction.
  • To be the one point contact centre for any kind of travel related services across the North East and
  • To provide safe, secure, reliable and on time performances at all the time.

Assam On Wheels is also an aggregator of car rental, taxi and Bus services across the North Eastern region. We work with various operators and enable them with technology to ensure customers get an easily accessible, safe and reliable transportation service.

Our Story:

There is always a tale to tell when there is nothing but lots to tell. Our story has begun from "Nothing" what we identified as "Something" and transformed it to today's Assam On Wheels.

The day we took the oath of starting the conjugal life, we had two options either to continue the current Jobs or to start the dream business on our own. We took the 2nd option and since then did not give the 2nd thought and have been religiously continuing the sole business with utmost sincerity.

We passed the 1st two years with some of the toughest situations encompassing the personal and the professional life. We had very limited resources in terms of time and money to establish ourselves as independent entities and with the grace of God we managed almost all to stand out. During that period we experimented with some of the self chosen fields like Education, Multilevel Business, International Tour and Travel Consultancy etc and finally decided to go for the Online Car Rental business creating a niche market for Assam and the North East. The idea did come in one day but to execute and realize into the public took us almost a year and today here we are.

It is the 15th December 2011 when we got registered as a partnership firm under the IP ACT 1932 in the Office of the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Assam, Guwahati in the name of M/S Assam On Wheels endorsing the services like Car Rental, Online Travel Portal, Tour Operator and Travel Agency.

We also got the recognition of an Excursion Agency from the Directorate of Tourism, Govt of Assam, in the year 2013.

We believe that "Good is not good enough when better is expected and the best is possible."

Our Partners

Mr Nilotpal Saikia, the Founder Partner:
Being the mother's medallion and the father's hat, he should have been an engineer or a doctor if not a Civil Servant at least, but who knew what time stored for him, and he chose the "roads not taken" to be an entrepreneur. Having graduated from the Darrang College, Tezpur in the year 2002, he also took the Travel and Tourism Diploma of IATA/UFTAA corresponding from Montreal, Canada in the year 2003 and started the career by joining a local travel agency in Guwahati in the year 2004. In the year 2005 he got the opportunity to join the Shahara Airlines (i) Ltd in Guwahati as a Customer Service Agent and had continued for almost 4 years having been taken over by Jet Airways in the year 2006. Between 2008 and 2010 he tested himself working with an insurance agency, as a free lancer and spent almost 16 months with Kuoni Travel India Ltd at Guwahati. During the short period of his service career neither he got satisfaction in any of the jobs nor was he interested to do away with travel and tourism profession. Since the beginning of his career a strong and a latent desire was working under his mind and in the year 2011 he discovered the ideal profession to be an entrepreneur. It was the new dawn of his professional life and the wheels started rolling.
To tell about him, he is quite calm and cool, have the ability to convince people, create thought provoking ideas and handle situations with proper execution of designated plan.

Mrs Kuwali Mudoi, the founder Partner:
She very much remembered the day when the class teacher commented satirically about her essay "My aim in Life: A Businessman" and laughed at telling that others think of becoming a Doctor or Engineer but she had been dreaming of a "Businessman". Thanks to the satire made in the school days what kept her instigating since then and fuelled her till date to become a businesswoman in real terms.
Being blessed with versatile quality, she managed to carry the stature of being a Classical Dancer (BA in Xatria Dance, 2004), an obedient student and above all being an honest and friendly human being. She completed her graduation from Dimoria College Khetri in the year 2003 and also completed a Diploma in Travel and Tourism from Jobra Academy in the year 2008. She would have been a professional lawyer had she completed the last semester in the year 2007 but the destiny wanted something else.
She had been associated with Art & Culture since 2000 and participated in a number of cultural programs across the country and since then there have been a desire to work in the Travel and tourism field being associated with Art and culture or in a nut cell promote cultural tourism. For a short while she worked as a tour consultant in a multinational company based at Guwahati. She too was not satisfied with the profile of being an employee and always craved for a broader and higher sky to fly. The most awaited profession as an entrepreneur has knocked her door when she decided to become the founder partner of Assam On Wheels.