Did you hear about Chandubi? It is one of the beautiful natural landscapes situated just 65km west to Guwahati city. The fact behind the formation of beautiful Chandubi lake and the tales behind the naming of this lake are very interesting and the reason why the visitors to this place are more amused by its mystery than to its beauty. Historians said that the lake formed as a result of a devastating earthquake that occurred on 12th Jun 1897 and the name of the place can be traced back to the Khasi word "Chan-Ublei". "Chan" means five and "Ublei" means Water God whom the Khasi people worshiped before the formation of the lake. "Dubi" is an Assamese word which means deep water area. Later on the people residing in Assam removed the Ublei word and fixed Dubi behind Chan and used the word Chandubi for the lake. Till date few Khasi people use the word Chan Ublei instead of  Chandubi in their language. 

It is one of the mostly hunted picnic sports near Guwahati. To witness  Natural beauty in its serenity Chandubi is one of the chosen places. The lake attracts sizable amount of migratory birds during the winter. Its is the breeding home to many local and migratory birds. There are different species of flora and fauna available around the lake area. Apart from the large water body, the area is surrounded by thick jungle, tea garden and tribal villages with unique cultural heritage. A trip to Chandubi can be best described as a "Natural Trail Cake with Cultural Toppings".