The best way to travel across Assam and Meghaly is to hire a taxi for the entire trip either in private or group tours. We, at Assam on Wheels, understood that guests must have the maximum liberty while choosing any service. We also understood that transportation in the backbone of any tour package be it a group tour or private tour. Therefore, we took the honor to take highest responsibility to be the backbone of the Holiday packages (offering the taxi services) to which the guests will add on the accommodation and other staffs chosen by them to the best their choices. 

Here, we are providing the best chosen tour itineraries with the price for hiring a taxi. The guests need to just book their preferred accommodation and other activities available and let the wheels roll on with an ease and without any worry. 

We are here to support you and serve you with the best possible transportation services at our end.

Taxi Tours

Taxi Tours are the most popular tours among the guests looking for highest liberty on arranging the tours on their own. Now-a-days, every one gets every thing on the internet and planning a trip to any destination has been too easy. But to have a beautiful trip a minor suggestion  by a person having local insight makes the difference. 

The transportation is one of the vital segments of a holiday tour. Taking a chance to go with any individual driver or with unregistered taxi organization may save you money but may incur hidden damage that you cannot predict until and unless you face that incidence. 

We are a registered tour operator under the Department of Tourism, Govt of Assam. We allot verified drivers in the tours conducted by us. We do take care of both the driver and the guest on and off the tour. Our main focus is to make you all happy and comfortable taking our services.